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In some cases, when writing a bash shell script like running the rsync command multiple times, and you want to avoid entering username and password over and over again, you may find sshpass useful.

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Sep 16, 2018 · Copying public key to multiple remote systems with for loop and sshpass One can use sshpass to quickly upload public keys to multiple hosts and without having to type in password multple times. This should work as long as the password is the same for the remote user on all systems.

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2019-05-13 背景 Mac自带terminal,以及比较好用的iTerm2命令行工具,都缺乏一个功能,就是远程SSH连接,无法保存密码。 一种方法是将本机的ssh_key放到远程服务器中实现无密码登录。

sshpass-1.06 free download. Non-interactive ssh password auth Sshpass is a tool for non-interactivly performing password authentication with SSH's so called "inte sshpass -p 的用法就不介紹了,google 一堆,且有安全性考量 介紹一下最近寫的一次script,主要配合rsync 做資料轉移 使用 sshpass -e ,配合export 做成環境變數

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