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Watch as I install a 6 degree pinion shim to try and correct my pinion angle. DIFF SHIMS, BAFFLES, SLINGERS: DIFF COVERS, BOLTS, GASKETS: FLANGE YOKES: GEARS - RING PINION: GREASE and LUBRICANT: HARDWARE: PINION YOKES - Front and Rear End: POSITRACTION - CARRIERS and PARTS: DIFFERENTIAL CARRIERS and PARTS OPEN DIFF: PINION NUTS and WASHERS: PARTS - AAM American Axle Manufacturing: AAM by Part Number: AAM Slip Yokes ... 3 degree pinion angle shims (wedges) fit Mopar 8 3/4", Ford 9", Dana 60, Dana 44 and any axle housing with 2.5" wide leaf springs and 5/16" center bolt.

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Steel shims help keep driveline angles correct to help with vibration, prevent U-joint binding, and help fight spring wrap if your pinion is sticking up a bit too high. We carry different sized shims for different needs. These are steel shims, NOT aluminum! Aluminum shims can cost a couple bucks less, but will crack apart and fail over time.

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VDOG - Variable Angle Gear; Rack & Pinion Conversion Kits; Manual Rack & Pinion; ... Shim to Drop Dual Column Mount - 1-1/4" Learn More. Add to Cart. Add to Wish ... Application Ultra case and Billet case pinion supports. Specifications 6.480″ OD x 5.075″ ID Twelve .406″ holes on 5.625″ bolt circle. Kit Contains.To be parallel the center line of the transmission and center line of the pinion gear must be on the same plane..the angles must total 180 degrees.Now that you have your angles calculated and know how much you have to move 'something', you can decide whether to tilt your engine/transmission down a little or rotate the axle up slightly so the axis of the pinion gear is on a more level line.

Jun 29, 2014 · As other's have recommended, if you are only at 3" a 2* shim should work - but to be safe you may want to order both 2* and 4* to save time and then return the one you don't need later. I personally opted for slightly more expensive shims from Iron Rock Offroad and was very pleased with the quality of the kit.

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